Anyone Out There…?

Hey, I’m bbbaaaaaccccckkkkkk!

Okay, none sense time is over; I have to get a job.
It’s *kind of awful not having one*

* * = Indicates that I’m being sarcastic; if’s there are two or three on each side, then you should probably be warned that I’m particularly ticked off that day. Just sayin’.

Job prospects are still low, I wouldn’t mind too much if I had an interview or two a week.

To New-Ish Beginnings

So, I realized that I’ve fallen behind on several things, including keeping up with blogging and myself personally.

I’ve decided to make changes.

Like, for one, keeping up with all these damn social media things; not just Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, which still scares me, RebelMouse, Baboo, blah blah.

It’s going to be silly and ridiculous….but bring it on *cheesy fist pump*!