Gastronomic Creativity!


So, I have no idea what to have for lunch, and yes, it doesn’t look colorful, or cost $67 dollars, and that’s *not* including tip.

I remembered that chicken breast, that had been brined, and roasted in the oven; I had that for dinner last night. I’ll post up a picture of that in a second, but to stay on topic, I came up with 2 over-medium eggs, with sriracha, and later ketchup.

Trader Joe’s, which I cannot live without now, has 21 Salute Seasoning. It’s a mix of pepper, smoked paprika, magic, powdered unicorn, etc.; basically, it gives whatever you’re seasoning, be it eggs or a finishing touch, a pick-me-up, not a kick. Not talking ’bout whole ghost peppers here.


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