Like Cheap Food?…I mean CHEAP.

Okay, so, not to be stereotypical, but there isn’t really a name for this place, except PHO PLACE.

I’m 2nd or 3rd generation from overseas, and I don’t speak. For some odd, universe-y reasons, I can understand what a person is saying, unless my brain just cannot understand the phonetics.

Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent, and *you* want to read my words about food.

Because I’m a Food Queen.

On a separate page, I’m going to put up the ZAGAT scale.
I figured that it would easier that making my own, because people would get confused…but I’ll throw in my five cents as well.

If you have suggestions, more like complaints, refer to the “Who Am I?” page, sections 5 & 6.

Here goes!
*Drum roll, and a symbol, please*

This place is not impressive in the slightest. It has a faded red overhang, sandwiched between two other equally crammed store/eateries/not sure. The place is located at 2228 Irving St. in the Sunset District, south of the Richmond District. The tables are crammed together, and the one located closest to the door has a seat that *almost* requires one to bring a seat cushion or two, and a helmet. The door has a metal frame; it’s not a French door, but hey, getting hit in the back of your head by door will *always* hurt.

Our group went on Sunday, February 24th, yesterday, around noon. We waited for roughly 10-15 minutes.

After our group of 4 sits down at the battered wood-like table, away from the door, a lady brings 4 cups of tea, in plastic cups, that are shiny on top. That means grease. In my tea. No, not allowed.

Friend 2, who has been to this place before, said, “It’s cheap”.

(If I had known the extent of her describing of “cheap”, I would have hesitated, and considered other dining options).

Friend 1 ordered a #1 off of the menu. It appears to be beef pho.


Friend 2 ordered a #2, which was chicken pho. Normally, I consider this blasphemous, because that’s not “real pho”. It’s beef or…beef.


I ordered a skeptical #3, and my sigot just said, “Okay”.


And the menu, cluttered, wrinkled, and tea soaked, did not have “fresh spring rolls”.
Then again, I had less than 2 minutes to make up my mind as to what to ordered. The guy who came to our table to take our order was impatient with me, and decided that since I was looking down at the menu, and not looking directly at him, jumped over to the table behind us. I literally looked up, and he was gone. I had a valid question: where the f^*k are the spring rolls!?

So, the guy walks a step-and-a-half back to our table, I order whatever the hell my eyes land on first, and off he goes.

There are 3 good qualities about this place, and then I’ll go back to being a food witch.

1. The bowls, as seen from above, are the Medium size, and are $3.95 each. That is pretty damn cheap.

2. There was a napkin dispenser on the table. Normally, you get one or two napkins for each person, and that’s it. Getting the attention of the “server” is impossible after that.

3. After that ‘meal’, which I was still hungry after, I accidentally left my green sunglasses on the table, next to the dining ware. The guy that was our ‘server’ came out and gave them back to me.

Where was I…..OH YEAH, FOOD XD!

The #3 I ordered was……a disaster. The broth was delicious, and I was smart to have ordered extra noodles, because that was the only really substantial thing in that bowl. The “meat” was 99% cartilage, i.e., skin and fat from the cow. I found a 2-inch piece of brisket that, again, did taste great, but was not enough to make up for the loss of $4.

Luckily, it wasn’t my job to leave a tip.

This place left me wanting *real food*, something that would fill my stomach.

2228 Irving St.
Located in San Francisco, California; in the Sunset District.

Decor: 8

Cost: $4 for a Medium bowl of soup, and don’t drink the free “tea”, in a plastic cup.

Will I go here again?
Out of fairness, yes, because I did not have a chance to peruse all 4 pages of the menu, at my pace. Weekends are not a fair judgement of the place; weekdays are more accurate

Word of Advice: Bring hand sanitizer. And a helmet, if you’re at the table closest to the door.


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