After “PHO PLACE”, There Was “Tea Way”.

So, after the horrible and unfulfilling pho, Friend 1 suggested boba, bubble tea, referring to tapioca pearls, for those of you who have no idea if I’m speaking a foreign language, or you haven’t had these little “bubbles” of sweet starch.

There is also grass jelly, which is *almost* exactly what it sounds like, minus actual grass, other flavored jellies, basil seeds, that look like mini cat eyes…freaks me the hell OUT.

It was around 1 PM yesterday, and it was down the block from “PHO PLACE”.

The menu of what you could chose from was on 4 SONY LCD screens turned hot dog style.

Here’s what we got, starting at the one that looks like purple drank:


Friend 2 got a Taro Milk Tea.
Friend 1 ordered a Rose Tea (I believe that’s what she said….shut up!).
I asked for a Black Ginger Tea.
And Sigot had a Honey Green Tea.

The place, though small, did not have tables in the middle of the room. Instead, there are 3 small tables to you right, as you walk through the door, with a wall-length orange couch thing. The age of that orange seat is easy to tell, considering that it’s shredded in places. One of the chairs has silver duck tape on it, to be a bit more descriptive.

The wall behind that hideous orange seat is refreshing:


Very simple, minimalist, metallic, I liked it.

Now, back to the boba tea.

The purple concoction “tastes like cake”, and yes, it did.
The rose tea was very faint.
Mine had way. too. much. ginger.
Sigot, which I ordered from him, had the safest one, Honey Green Tea.
I figured that that one would be the one that is impossible to mess up.

2250 Irving St.
San Francisco, CA

Decor: 17
Food/Drink: 10
Service: 18

Cost: Again, it’s cheap, $2.50 for some, just depends what you order. I want to say that most, if not all, of the boba tea drinks are under $5. I did not look that closely; I was distracted by the fact that there were chicken nuggets on the menu *shudders*.

Would I come here again? Probably not, but if I’m in the neighborhood, I’ll stick with my safe bet, Honey Green Tea.

Seriously, if you mess that up, you should go home.


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