Gastronomic Creativity!


So, I have no idea what to have for lunch, and yes, it doesn’t look colorful, or cost $67 dollars, and that’s *not* including tip.

I remembered that chicken breast, that had been brined, and roasted in the oven; I had that for dinner last night. I’ll post up a picture of that in a second, but to stay on topic, I came up with 2 over-medium eggs, with sriracha, and later ketchup.

Trader Joe’s, which I cannot live without now, has 21 Salute Seasoning. It’s a mix of pepper, smoked paprika, magic, powdered unicorn, etc.; basically, it gives whatever you’re seasoning, be it eggs or a finishing touch, a pick-me-up, not a kick. Not talking ’bout whole ghost peppers here.


Random #2,546

^ The numbers don’t mean anything, really; it’s just my synapsis commanding my fingers to type numbers.

And, it’s 1:16 AM, so I don’t really care ’bout being exact XP

Social Media program? Going well.
Jobs? Going meh-ly.

Wanting to go somewhere, be productive? Again, meh-ly.


Hey there!

I’ve been over on Twitter, following and following back people.

And, yesterday, was the second to last class, of the first of six classes, of SFSU’s Social Media Certificate Program.

Yes, I’m going to a CSU, technically. This is their extension program; the main university is on the West side of SF, and the extension program is located in downtown San Francisco.

The main reason I’m doing this is to, hopefully, put myself on or near the top of the pile of resumes that land in a potential employer’s Inbox, be it Gmail or Hotmail or whatever email server they are using.

Also, it’ll look good that I have a certificate, to let a future employer know that I’m an “expert” at this*.


* = There is really NO WAY of being an expert at social media, because social media is changing every second; there’s a new website every time you blink, and no, I don’t have a Stanford case study on this, to prove that this is true. There are social media marketing websites that are popping up like dandelions on your lawn, new ones everywhere!