Tokyo Express

Let me start with this: I did not bring my iPad with me to the Lake Merced Mall.

Therefore, I have no pictures.

Apologies for that, dear Interwebers!

Also, I do not true my brick phone, because the resolution of that is as clear as raining eggshells on a car wind shield on a rainy day.

Tokyo Express has a lengthy menu of selections to chose from, 5 boards strong. Including specials, that were sitting out on the counter, no way to keep them chilled.

I ordered a chicken teriyaki bento box, which included miso soup, a small salad, rice, and 2 slices of oranges. Nice palate cleanser, although it leaves orange juice on my fingers after.

I know that this is short, but hey, it’s a mall. There’s a Panda Express next to it, which I received food poisoning from, and a Hot Dog On A Stick; not the epitome of class.



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