I’m Alive, I Swear!!

After checking how long it’s been since I last posted, I realized I need to post more. Daily isn’t going to work, considering that I’m erratic, given my nature of not liking to be put into a specific gender role/stereotypical personality box. I’ll shoot for 2 to 3 times a week; that’s more realistic, right?

As a 23rd birthday gift, to myself, because I’m not selfish enough, I came back down to Los Angeles this past week, and was all over the f^*king place. I stayed with a good friend of mine and slept on the floor. Believe me or not, I like the floor. My back does crazy things while I’m sleeping, if I’m not on a hard enough surface; one time, I woke up, and my back felt that it had gone bungee jumping off the Bay Bridge a couple of times, then decided that that wasn’t such a great idea, and came back to me. Acetaminophen and caffeine were my BFFLs that day.

My friend and I met up with a friend of mine, that I had met on Twitter. Before you say that “THIS PERSON COULD HAVE BEEN AN OLD MAN WHO COULD HAVE KILLED YOU” and such theories, let me be clear about 1 fact: Yes, the Internet *is* a dangerous place. Yes, normally, one doesn’t do ‘irresponsible things’ like this. I’ve got an 8-and-a-1/2 pound head on my shoulders, with human-esque instincts, and a red-and-blue warning BS sensor/detector. Also, because of fandoms, I have solid connections, people who I trust, to know who is who.

Anywho, New Friend #1 and I both support the work of an actor named Curt Mega. You may or may not recognize his name, but he was a Warbler named Nick Duval, on a lil’ show called “Glee”. Yes, I have met him, face-to-face/had a conversation with him; he is kind and multi-attentive. He is currently starring and working on a web show called “Buffering” *insert shameless plugging puns here*. It’s about an actor who was on a TV show, and is not now, I forget why, and is trying to write his own Web-based show. His friends are crazy, and shenanigans happen to him, that constantly undermines his goal of getting the show done. Meta show is meta, but it’s getting more promising, episode by episode.

We all met at The Grove, and had coffee/water/nothing together. New friend #1 had a few friends of her own there too.

FYI: The reason why I’m not typing names is because I don’t know if I’m allowed to use their names. Call me weird, but some people like having their privacy private, and I respect that.

I may be rude, and occasionally loud, but not disrespectful. I’m not perfect *useful cliche*.

Anyway, we all went to Maggiano’s after. I have not been there before *dodges paper balls being thrown my way*, and wasn’t too disappointed with the restaurant. It’s essentially like Buca di Beppo; an Italian restaurant that gives you large servings of food. Since I do not have a stable income, I ordered the $12.95 combo of order one dish, take home the other. The 14 ounces of spaghetti I devoured, because I’d been on Megabus for 7 hours, and had a few bites of meatball. The bow tie pasta I took home, and is currently sitting in my friend’s mini fridge. I did try a bite or two of that dish cold, and it tasted fine. After dinner, and parting ways with new friends, old friend and I passed by a newly opened Sprinkles corner shop.

Honestly, as a hardcore foodie, this place displeases me.
Here’s my main reason why: NO OPTIONS.

What I mean by that is the fact that there are people in the world that don’t like sweets or can’t eat them. A diabetic person can’t eat a cupcake. Someone with Celiac’s can’t either, and nor can a person with something called lactose intolerance. That person would be moi. It’s not debilitating, but it most definitely can be! Personally, I don’t want to be in the fetal position for a day, or stuck in the bathroom, or feel as if Mike Tyson decided to use my stomach and lower intestine as a punching bag for hours.

Why can’t there be a dessert place for us, the not normal people, that doesn’t have a chance to kill us, in some way, shape, or form!?

And, while I understand the business aspect/charging $3.25 for a cupcake, to pay part of that sum for rent and workers and such, I DO NOT want that. There has to be a better way…which I’m experimenting with, more to come on that!!

Thursday was dedicated to helping my old friend move out of her place, but lounging around until noon. I agreed to Jack in the Box, EW, because we were short on time. Not necessary to say, but fast food is still a tragedy. Not too much action this day, until that night.

If you don’t know who Theo Katzman is, GO TO HIS BANDCAMP NOW, Theo Katzman; he is fan-insertbadwordhere-TASTIC.

His friends, Caleb Hawley and Joey Dosik, had their sets before Theo’s. Even though I did see them at Brick and Mortar in San Francisco the Thursday before, this concert was conveniently in the same month, in a place I know well. Plus, I like these soulful guys!

I will be posting up a couple videos, because my iPad malfunctioned during Joey’s set.

Sad panda.

Towards the end of Theo’s set, someone suggested that he play “You Could Never Know” in the audience. Someone else yelled SOLO, and Theo did just that. Wonder bar!

Also met a couple of Starkids, met up with familiar friends, and hugged a sweaty and cutely tipsy Theo. He signed my old friend’s CD, and it’s all over the place on the cover, in metallic blue permanent glory! My eyes and ears were pleased that night.

Friday was dedicated to WonderCon. Until this point, I had not been to a con, which is a convention, you normal beings! Old friend and I had passes for Friday and Sunday; Saturday and the all-day passes were sold out. My con cherry has now been popped! I liked the atmosphere of the con, small and focused mainly on comic books. San Diego, where I’m from, Comic Con WAS like WonderCon, before 2005. 2007 was the first year that Comic Con sold out of passes, and it ballooned into an entertainment convention. Comic books are still there, but not the focus anymore.

Whilst at WonderCon, I met a new friend, who is friends with old friend.
My nerd skills need to be improved, because I was schooled a fair number of times by New Friend #6. She’s also an animator, so I don’t think I can beat that coolness.

The 3 of us covered the entire exhibition floor. There was a Doctor Who panel in the late afternoon, but the line was waaaaaaaay too long. Besides, I now have more Harry Potter things and a pocket watch from that day, better than waiting in a line for hours! New Friend #6 slept over with old friend and I at old friend’s new place.

Saturday I did not have a pass for WonderCon, so I went to a late lunch/early dinner with my parents to Hop Li on Pico. Good food, but a little stuffy, plus playing Top 40 doesn’t count as “hip”. I waited for what felt like forever for old friend and New Friend to get back from the con, and spend the night at New Friend #6’s place.

After staying up for 3 hours, I made the Guinness/Bailey’s buttercream cupcakes. I love modifying recipes, because you take all the good elements from one recipe, and combine it with another, and BAM, magic in your mouth!!!



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