Food Though #7 of Today!

Okay, I was reading a Serious Eats article about “Cookies We Love: Macarons at ‘lette Macarons, Los Angeles” that was posted yesterday at 4 PM.

Which got me thinking: WHY HAS NO ONE COME UP WITH MIXED MACARONS!?!!?

There isn’t any gastronomy involved, unless someone tells Chef Andria, then he’ll find a way to make a cookie, OUT of a cookie, IN a cookie. He already did this to an olive, what’s to stop him!?

Think of all the flavor combinations, and the topics! Sweet and savory, salted caramel, chocolate with a strawberry balsamic ganache, lightly coated with/in a mango glaze/bits……this can be ENDLESS.

Hell, maybe I should go to culinary school!!


Or not, because the debt will be crippling, for decades to come………..I believe I will stick to my 1/4 of a kitchen thing I have now…….

*Continues thinking of having my own charming little cafe, called The Spotted Running Cow….What about a dessert truck, with even vegan options….!!!!*



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