Barbariana Cooking Idea #8: Super, Duper, Easy Guacamole

First, I’d like to clarify that I have made this before.

And no, I don’t measure out the ingredients *insert French exclamations of shock*.

There is a reason that I don’t do this, and I will explain below.


Cooking, in itself, is an experiment. Yes, *like* chemistry, but chemistry that is edible and won’t create a hole in your stomach, or burn through your vitals.

Also, it’s more important to TASTE your food BEFORE you eat it. Hey, if you’re eating what you’re making, then you should LIKE it on your tongue, since you’re going to be consuming it.

What I can tell you, exactly, is that if you don’t have all of the ingredients that I’m about to list, don’t fret. Avocados alone are pretty damn delicious.

Table Salt/Kosher Sea Salt
Lime/Lemon/Both, if you want…..I haven’t tried orange yet, but soon!
21 Seasoning Salute*
Powdered Garlic*
Powdered Onion
Smoked Ancho Chili Power**
Smoked Paprika*

* = From Trader Joe’s
** = From Cost Plus World Market

I believe that you can also get these from “your local supermarket”, but I don’t go to super-marts.

Utensil: A small spoon
You can use a fork, but the problem is that since there are tines, which is what the prongs of the fork is called, it won’t be able to cleanly swoop the sides of the avocado.

Being efficient is important, that way, you can eat sooner!

CAREFUL: Don’t get too enthusiastic with the spoon. You don’t want the avocado spilling out of the avocado bowl.

Squeeze ‘n squirt the citrus of your choice into each half of the split avocado, about a tablespoon. If you want more of the citrus-y flavor to come through, use more than what I suggested!

Add in the salt and spices to your hearts’ content.

Then take your small spoon, and carve the avocado meat away from the shell.

Mix together until your get the desired consistency of guacamole, and eat plain, with white/yellow/blue corn/low-fat/low sodium/garbanzo-lentil-black bean tortilla chips, garnish on top of a taco, burrito, etc. etc.

Bon appetit!


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