Dietary Restrictions: Part One

Hi! I’m alive, I promise!


I’ve been keeping my living space clean, keeping my personal demons/demonesses in-check, still looking for jobs, and internships,


I’m ONE class away from competing the Social Media Certificate from San Francisco State University’s Downtown Campus!


I’ll have TWO pieces of paper, that educationally official XD!

It feels like I have a better shot at getting a job, with the certificate, than my degree…..Sad?

A UC Education? $120,000
A CSU Certificate? $2,000

…………Yeah, it is XP

ANYWAY, to more tasty matters!

I have a small, tiny, enny, beany, problem. I’m lactose intolerant.

This means that having a glass of milk is a 120% NO-NO.
Or ice cream, or gelato, or eclairs, or cannolis, or anything that have milk or cream or butter.
Eggs are fine.

And here’s the kicker:
Sometimes, I can get away with as much as a Tbsp of dairy, as long as I do not eat that thing on an empty stomach. Other times, when I think it’s fine to do this, since I have some thing in my stomach, NOPE.

My lower intestine hates me.

Luckily, I do not have any other issues, like soy allergies or Celiac’s.

Also, sometimes, I don’t think that something has butter in it, and lo and behold, it does.

At that point, I either consult my Substitution Bible, or my brain.
My brain can also think of using Google. Google is your real BFFL ❤

Since I now really like to make my own granola, instead of Quaker Oats, I used Trader Joe's Gluten Free Oats!

Here, look:


Gluten free oats, organic dried blueberries and sweetened coconut; the recipe that I used I modified. I believe that I did post it, in a previous blog post.

If not, Google Search for ‘basic CHOW granola recipe’.

What I did is that I used less sweet ingredients, because my folks, who I made the granola for, don’t like very sweet things.

Looks good, right?