She Looked. He Did Too.

Vignette #10,342,379,252. Good morning, errybody!


He sat there, befuddled. Why me?, he said.

She said, I’m sorry you were the one this happened to happen to.

He said, How is this happening to me!?

She said, It was just a look; it didn’t mean anything.

He said, “Are you kidding me??”

“Do you *really* need me to answer that question?”

“Yes!!! I need to know, for my own personal safety!!!”

She laughs, and says: “You’re allowed to look at other women, all day, everyday, and look at them not like an individual person. Look at them and think, essentially, they’re a Pump ‘n Dump. Get what you need, and bail. You’ll never seen them again, and it will never matter. Yet you see me receive a look from one man, only one, and you lose it. Have you *ever* thought about someone else other than yourself?”

He looks at her, furious in the face. She had verbally bitch-slapped him. And he didn’t like it. His reaction? A pure Kodak moment:


She laughs again, grabs her bag, and stretches. Getting up from the table, she says, “Then I wonder how you’re going to get home, grab all of your things, and move out? Who will help you? You don’t have a car, your things are everywhere, and you share *my bed*. Who will help you?”

He stared, slowly processing how to deal with this fair justification.

“…You’re right.”