This keeping-up-social-media thing is hard. Not only are there a billion new social media sites popping up at the rate of mating rabbits, trying to keep up with ALL of them is just TOO MUCH.

I know that this sounds “generic” and “boring, or whatever”, but just stick to the main ones, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. That’s where people are, and if you want something to have some kind of attention, be it viral or a gentle splash in the social media pool, then stick to those sites.

Anywho, I have gotten behind on critiquing restaurants. I don’t mean to be intentionally cruel, but if the service and food are that bad, I want to save you the time and money of going to a dump.

I took a 2-day trip down to LA, and I’m not counting the two half-days I spend on a bus. There’s this lovely company called Mega Bus, and, if you book far enough in advance, like 2 months ahead of time, your ticket *could* cost $1. Yeah, ONE FREAKING DOLLAR. Do you know what a dollar gets you these days!? Something crappy, sad, and unsatisfactory from a fast food place, a trinket from the One Dollar Store, and one sticky gel hand from that one vending machine next to the door at that one supermarket you go to.

The first day I got to LA, on Saint Patrick’s Day, this past Sunday, my parents took me to this place called El Pollo Inka, which translates into The Inca Chicken. It’s fitting, because the place serves Peruvian food. There are influences from several cultures, including Chinese. It was odd to see French fries cooked in with vegetables with a red chile sauce. Odd taste, not my favorite.

I went on a 15 beach bike ride, on a cruiser, which is a silly excuse for a bike, from Marina Del Rey to the edge of El Segundo. Quite pretty, but I don’t recommend doing it in the summer. You can’t go 5 MPH because they’ll be too many pedestrians/possible shoobies in your way, along with small, banshee screaming children darting this way and that way and getting in your way.

The next day was just lounging around, because 15 miles, though snail beach cruising, is lengthy. We went to Lemonade, a healthy cafe-like place on Venice and Abbot Kinney. Not only do they have 20 different kinds o lemonade, hence their namesake, you can get portions of food, varying by a buck or two. A specially designated spoon is in front of each container of food, which is equal to 1 portion. They used to give you more food, but the owners were losing money, and re-trained their staff to *only* 1 of those spoonfuls. I’d say that the serving spoons are 4-6 Tablespoons large, so it’s a standard portion of food, not quite too much, but not enough.

Luckily, and I do NOT know the name of ANY of the staff serving, nor do I want to get any of them in trouble, the servers gave my portions an extra Tablespoon or two. I get that the owners don’t want or like to lose money, but hey, customers *like* getting the bang for their $6 or $9 bucks for 2 or 3 portions of food. Also, I have extra realized that even RICH EFFING PEOPLE are as stingy as f***, which I promise you I will *not* rant about.

Personally, though, in short, I don’t think ‘rich’ people are truly happy. They may have lots ‘o money, yes, but there’s bound to be something else they do not have, that money cannot buy……..like the mutual family members feelings of impatiently waiting for you to croak, that way, they inherit your money, or have drama/fight over it for a year or two. Too bad you can’t bribe God; you are so NOT better than Mother Teresa!

^ I went to church on Easter, with a friend, and the pastor said that. I do appreciate that church’s modern/progressive outlook, but that’s not going to make me want to go to church more, nor is bribing me with rare dark chocolate from Switzerland or Germany, to get me to eat kimchi.

About Lighting…

It just occurred to me that when I’m taking pictures of the food that Sigot and I cook can have a weird color to it.

The reason behind that is I do *not* own a lighting kit, or good/decent lights, for that matter.

There are 2 fluorescent lights in the kitchen, one above the table where we eat, and the other under the hood of the stove.

I just wanted to clear that up.