All Vinegar Is Not The Same

I moved to SoCal a couple of weeks ago, because I needed a change of scenery.

Living in LA is different than San Diego, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz.

My parents have been kind, and I’m living with them for now, because I’m hunting for a job or two. I’ve applied to a few places, and have gotten interviews, but no calls back.

While that’s been happening, for dinner tonight, I decided to cook 3 poached eggs.

Since there is a severe lack of ingredients here, I thought that if I substituted apple cider vinegar for distilled white vinegar that the egg whites wouldn’t spread out all over the place.

Well, I was wrong.


The camera would have had steam covering it, preventing me from taking a photo, had I taken it while it was cooking. As you can see in the bowl, though, is are the whites went everywhere. They decided to take a short night trip to the every part of the pot.

Yes, I did not crack the eggs on the edge of the hot pot, and drop them into the boiling water. I couldn’t use a bowl to introduce the eggs into the water; the pot is a small one. I improvised, and cracked each egg in a small coffee mug, then dipped part of the mug into the water, easing each egg into the water. I did break the yolk of the last egg.

The lesson learned today: I will go and buy distilled white vinegar.