Being lactose intolerant sucks. It’s terrible.

Luckily, I found out recently that there are ways to get around this *minute* issue.

(Secret food clubs, you’ve got nothing on me now!)

Probiotics and I are BFFLs now.

Or, instead of milk, there’s goat, almond, Lactaid, hemp, coconut, buffalo, etc. etc.

– Goat cheesecake, from the Surf Spot in Pacifica

– Green Valley’s line of lactose-free yogurts, cream cheese, and sour cream

– And now, this glorious company called NOOSA.

Unfortunately, I do not have a container of that heavenly goodness with me, seeing as my father also loves their yoghurt. I would like to say that yogurt is spelled with an h, because they’re English, or just really pretentious, but I can’t verify that yet. I’ll update ASAP.


I love strawberry rhubarb pie. That was the first pie I ever made, from scratch, latticed crust and all.

NOOSA’s version of Strawberry Rhubarb….is like a thick, double-whipped, extra firm pillow, with a cool summer cool-down taste. That sentence may be a terrible use of English, but I could eat that entire container, and that isn’t healthy, but will I close my eyes after each spoonful, and hum contentedly?

There’s a high chance of that, but you’ll never know, unless you’re in front of me, with a camera in my face.
I might also smack said camera with my spoon, before I scoop more NOOSA onto it.