Who Am I?


Hi, I’m Christy, your typical, recent college graduate, who is semi-living, and is looking for long-term employment, somewhere, preferably *not* over the rainbow, because I cannot afford a car, let alone a house. I enjoy reading, I love fandoms, judge me as you please, and am quite the *Foodie* (I’ll come up with a better term later). Don’t get me started on food, it really, actually, might harm your health, and shorten your lifespan by, at least, 10 years*.

* = This statement has not been verified by the FDA, nor will it ever be.

What am I looking for now? Well, considering I did not double major, and minor, in the things that I would have liked to in college, I settled for the second best thing, and am looking for a job that satisfies…whatever I’m trying to satisfy, in my mind’s eye, or whatever.

( I make lots of references to pop culture, movies, and such….There’s your warning, FDA, I’m not going to give anymore of those. That was your only freebie. )

Anyway/Anywho, if you have inquiries, or suggestions, especially gastronomically, like, for example, why blood oranges are better than navals, and honey tangerines are on the same level as Meyer lemons, please direct them to the box labeled “Suggestion Box” on the floor, next to my desk.

No, that’s not an R type trash can from Target……It’s a Inquiry Receptacle, that looks strikingly like a garbage can.


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