ZAGAT Scale, and My Nickel Worth

The exterior of the restaurant should be presentable. If it’s fantastic, or appalling, it will factor into this catagory.

Presentation of the plate, what’s on the plate, how the vegetable, starch, meat, and sauce/entree are done

How was the host/ess, atmosphere, waiter/waitress attitude and manners, do they come back consistently to check on the food, and if the customers need anything

0 – 9 : Poor to Fair
10 – 15 : Fair to Good
16 – 19 : Good to Very Good
20 – 25 : Very Good to Excellent
26 – 30 : Extraordinary to Perfection

Is the food and drink(s) worth the price, with tip; “lunch is usually 25-30% less”, from page 4 of the ZAGAT Guide.

I, Inexpensive : $25 and Below
M, Medium : $26 – $40
E, Expensive : $41 – $65
VE, Very Expensive : $66 and Above

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